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Hard Drives - November 22, 2018

These are all the hard drives that need to be examined by forensic computer investigators for all of these incidences.


Unfortunately, I don't know if they will make it into Federal Court. I'm currently borrowing money and the person I'm borrowing the money from is my mom. She's currently in the hospital cause she has cancer. Her husband is verbally and emotionally abusive. He doesn't respond to my emails, I asked about a contract, to put it into writing in the event something happens to my mother, he blew me off.

My guess is, while my mother is in the hospital or in convalescence, he'll give me two options, either be raped by him or go homeless. He's abusive and, so far he's been verbally abusive, emotionally abusive, physically abusive and now financially the next will be sexual. I'm not interested in going down that road, so I'll go homeless.

And from there continue with my journey to Federal Court. Unfortunately I can't carry this with me while I'm homeless, so it will be left here along with all the paper evidence I've gathered so far and I have no idea what he will do with it, maybe he'll destroy it and/or throw it away.

It would have been nice had the FBI or LAPD helped me but now all the people that committed these computer crimes on my computer won't be convicted and the people they set up for their crimes will go to prison, the evidence will disappear unless of course Charlie Ford my abusive step father, wants to hold on to it, guard it and charge a fee for that.

These agencies will have to pay more damages to me in addition to all my other damages.

This Sheriff was nice but he couldn't help me. I told him what Charlie Ford will do, it's premeditated, after stalking me, online and off, he also has the keys here and the alarm codes.

After telling the Sheriff, he just looked at me with a glaze. I don't think he cared.

Per this Sheriff, all they can do is enforce the laws. What I needed was guidance, direction, help, how to handle this scene so I don't go homeless and I don't get raped. This Sheriff didn't know nor could he help me.

This is why domestic violence and abuse continues to increase, there is no help from law enforcement, educating the victims, how to solve these problems before it escalates. Currently, in this scene if you are confronted with either rape or homelessness, you have to get raped to prevent homelessness and then report it, you have to let it happen, you can't stop it, prevent it. That's the only solution if you don't want to go homeless.

I'm not going down that road, so I'll go homeless and hand write or type up two lawsuits simultaneously pro se and file it.

I figure 30-90 days after I'm homeless, I'll get that done. I'll petition Federal Court for money so I can get shelter.

Just cause you are homeless doesn't mean your cases are over or game over. Not at all.

Lancaster Sheriffs

Sheriff's Business Card

When the Sheriff arrived

Took my info

When the Sheriff left

Updated 12/7/2018 12:02pm

I spoke to the Social Worker for Holy Medical Cross, she was condescending and I missed her withhold, she doesn't give a fuck if my mother dies cause her husband was poisoning her. There is no tests to test on the way in.

She ended the call cause I missed her withhold by hanging up on me. I told her she will be investigated and her crimes will be found and she will go to prison. That's when I missed her withhold. This woman is a criminal, going around covering up murders at this hospital. It will be easy to find her crimes, she false reports and lies.

This social worker ignored the abuse. That's neglect by the social worker and it's elder abuse. And it's also Obstruction of Justice, preventing me from getting to Federal Court for these two cases by committing crimes from her job including lying and false reporting. Obstruction of Justice is a felony as well as Elder Abuse and California two party law doesn't apply.

Phone conversation with Lisa Social Worker

Updated 12/7/2018 4:31pm


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